Carb Blockers

Carbohydrates are needed by the body for energy, but excessive carbs can be difficult for people trying to manage a healthy weight because the body stores extra carbs as body fat. Learning to manage carbohydrate intake is essential to weight management. Taking a dietary supplement that supports carb regulation by helping the body to inhibit its absorption may also help you meet your weight management goals. Shop our carb blocking supplements that seek to curb cravings and support glucose metabolism today!

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    About Carb Blockers

    Natural Healthy Concepts offers a wide range of gluten-free dietary supplements, including vegetarian options, packed with the nutrients your body needs to help block the absorption of excess carbohydrates, which may support overall weight management.

    Support a healty diet and weight management regimen by helping your body control carbohydrate absorption with our natural, herbal-based dietary supplements. Our selection includes concentrated mini tablets with enteric coating, which protects the supplement from absorption until it reaches the lower intestine where carbohydrate digestion occurs. We also sell vegetable capsules which may also serve as a natural appetite suppressant to support a healthy weight and appetite control.

    Carb Blocker Product Details

    • May maintain weight at a healthy level
    • Supports a delay in your body's digestion and absorption of sucrose
    • May help regulate carb absorption in your bloodstream
    • Curbs food cravings
    • Supports hormone levels already within the normal range
    • Supports the breakdown of fat in fat cells

    If you need support maintaining a healthy body weight, try taking a nutritional blocking supplement of specially selected vitamins and minerals that support the body’s ability to block the absorption of excess carbohydrates for overall weight management. Shop our selection today and receive free domestic, standard shipping.

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