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Buttercream Lip Butter
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All-Natural Lip Care

Lip balm is a necessity for many of us, especially during winter, when dry conditions inside and out often make our lips chapped. But, how do you choose one? First, make sure it contains a moisturizer like beeswax or ceramides. Second, avoid ingredients like fragrances and artificial colors, which can cause irritation. Third, choose a product that is free of dangerous substances like synthetic colors and dyes, parabens, petrolatum and chemical sunscreens. In the end, you'll without a doubt benefit from an all-natural lip balm product.

Good Earth offers an all-natural handmade lip balm called Buttercream Lip Butter that is guaranteed to bring your weathered chapped lips back to life.

Product Information

  • All natural
  • Handmade
  • Buttercream flavor
  • Contains almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, lanolin, coconut oil and natural flavoring
  • Formulated to help your lips through bitter cold winters
  • Guaranteed to bring your weathered chapped lips back to life

This lip butter is also available in other flavors, including grapefruit lime, hazelnut vanilla, rosemary mint, spicy chai and tea tree tangerine.

If you're looking for an all-natural lip balm, check into Good Earth's Buttercream Lip Butter. Order online today!

Almond Oil
Cocoa Butter
Coconut Oil
Natural Flavoring

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