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Botanical Treasures Powder
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All-Natural Botanical Antioxidant Support

Botanical Treasures from Natura Health Products is an all-natural dietary supplement made from a concentrated formula of herbal extracts and other natural ingredients that seeks to support antioxidant response in the body.

Exposure to environmental, physical or mental stressors, as well as a diet lacking essential nutrients, may lead to free radical damage. The body's normal cellular repair process can also become impaired by the natural process of aging. Antioxidants are an important part of our daily nutritional regimen. They promote the natural ability for the body to protect itself against free radical damage.

This powdered form of Botanical Treasures contains herbal extracts, including curcuminoids from turmeric and a concentrated form of green tea, which provides the body with polyphenols and EGCG. It also includes grape seed extract, quercetin, rosemary and holy basil. Together, these ingredients may provide antioxidant support for overall cell and tissue health.

Botanical Treasures Product Details

  • May support overall health
  • May support healthy immune function
  • May promote antioxidant activity
  • May support cellular health and function

Eating a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, and taking a daily supplement designed to provide antioxidant support, may aid in the body’s fight against oxidative stress. Try Botanical Treasures Powder by Natura Health Products today!

Supplement Facts
Servings (1.05 grams) per container: 100
1.05 grams (1 level scoop) contains:
Turmeric (Curcumin longa) Rhizome Ext. 250mg
--- 95% Curcuminoids
Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Leaf Ext. 200mg
---98% Polyphenols, 75% Catechins, 45% EGCG
Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) Root Ext. 100mg
---50% Resveratrol
Quercetin Dihydrate (Sophora japonica) Bud Ext. 100mg
Grape (Vitis vinifera) Seed Ext. 100mg
---95% Proanthocyanidins
Grape (Vitis vinifera) Skin Ext. 50mg
---30% Polyphenols
Amla (Emblica officinalis) Fruit Ext. 50mg
---40% Tannins
Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum l.) Leaf Ext. 50mg
---2% Ursolic acid
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Rhizome Ext. 40mg
---5% Gingerols
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Leaf Ext. 30mg
---6% Carnosic acid
Luo Han Gou (Siraitia grosvenorii) Fruit Ext. 15mg
---80% Mogrosides
Bromelain from Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Stem Ext. 10mg
---(2400 GDU/gram)
Long pepper (Piper longum) Fruit Ext. 5mg
---1.5% Piperine

Recommended Use:
Adults: 1 level scoop or as recommended by a healthcare professional. Mix in tea, juice or a smoothie.

Do not take during pregnancy or while nursing except under supervision of a qualified healthcare provider. Keep out of the reach of children.

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