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Borage Therapy Hand Cream Unscented
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Borage Oil Relief for Dry, Cracked Skin

Borage Therapy Hand Cream Unscented from ShiKai is a rich omega-6 cream specifically formulated to relieve dry cracked skin and promote healthy new skin cells.

Commonly called starflower, borage is a common herb found in almost every temperate region of the world. It is known for its high GLA, or gamma linolenic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid required for healthy skin cell membranes.

Without sufficient GLA, your skin's cells cannot retain enough moisture, resulting in dry skin and other chronic skin problems.

Borage oil penetrates deep, delivering GLA and its benefits directly to your skin cells, helping them retain more moisture.

So this oil may not only restore moisture and smoothness to dry, damaged skin but also provide relief to people experiencing such chronic skin conditions as eczema and atopic dermatitis.

It may also help people with dry skin that simply will not go away, or be relieved, by traditional moisturizers.

Recommended Use

You can apply this cream several times a day as needed.

Aloe vera gel
Sunflower seed oil
Glyceryl stearate
Jojoba seed oil
Borage seed oil
Cetyl alcohol (vegetable wax)
Vitamin E acetate
Shea butter
Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C)
Ethylhexyl Glycerin

Recommended Use:
Apply several times a day as needed. Results are often seen immediately. For long-term improvement, use regularly for at least 2 weeks.

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