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Bone Guard Forte
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Give Your Body Bone Builders

Your ability to regenerate strong, healthy bones starts to go downhill once you're "over-the-hill." But that doesn't mean it's impossible to have excellent bone health.

Bone Guard Forte from Perque is a mineral supplement with a unique nutritional formula that includes 19 balanced, energized and alkalinizing bone builders.

It is estimated that 50% of women over 50 will develop weak bones in their lifetime. And it affects men, too. It's estimated that one in eight men will develop a bone fracture due to weak bones.

Bone Guard Forte includes four different forms of soluble calcium. And it is well-known that calcium is likely the most important mineral for bone health.

Product Details:

  • For support of bone health in women and men
  • Comprehensive mineral supplement
  • Contains 19 balanced bone builders
  • Includes four distinct forms of calcium
  • All mineral and nutrient forms have been used in clinical bone studies with positive results

Many things can contribute to frail, brittle bones. Magnesium deficiencies because of poor diets in the U.S. is one of the most common culprits. But you could also be dealing with bone degeneration from smoking, consuming too much alcohol or because you're going through menopause.

Replace the essential minerals you need for healthy bones and give Bone Guard Forte a try. Order now!

Supplement Facts
4 Tabsules contain:
19 Energized, Bone-Building Elemental Minerals and Nutrients
Vitamin C 200mg (330%)
---(100% l-ascorbate, fully reduced, corn free)
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 400 IU (100%)
Vitamin K1 (as phylloquinone) 750mcg (937%)
Vitamin K2 250mcg (312%)
Biotin 250mcg (83%)
Calcium 500mg (50%)
---(as acetate, glycinate, succinate, malate, fumarate, and citrate)
Magnesium 500mg (125%)
---(as acetate, glycinate, succinate, malate, fumarate, and citrate)
Zinc (as citrate) 10mg (100%)
Manganese (as citrate) 15mg (750%)
Chromium (as citrate) 250mcg (208%)
Selenium (as 100% l-selenomethionine) 250mcg (357%)
Copper (as sebecate) 1mg (50%)
Iodine 3mg (2000%)
Iodide (as potassium iodide) 150mcg (100%)
Boron (as citrate) 6mg
Vanadium (as ascorbate) 250mcg
Silica 10mg
---(from magnesium triscillate from horse tail/equisetum)
Strontium (as gluconate) 50mg
Vegetable fiber (organic croscarmellose) 400mg
Other Ingredients: None.
Contains NO: GMOs, citrus, MSG, wheat/gluten, corn/zein/starch, dairy/casein/whey/ milk derivatives, yeast, soy, sulfate, phosphates (other than coenzymes), and preservatives. Vegetarian.

Recommended Use:
Adults: As a dietary supplement, take 4 tabsules daily in divided doses with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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