Biosyntrx is a nutritional supplement company that offers a product line targeting support for eye health, oral health and mucous membranes. By following the company’s motto, "Doing Well by Doing Good,” their scientists push further in the field of nutritional supplementation, blending science and traditional herbal remedies in their unique formulations.

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    Biosyntrx Supports Eye Care with Nutrition

    Biosyntrx believes that proper nutrition may have a long-term impact on healthy aging processes, especially in the realm of eye health and function.

    For more than a decade, Biosyntrx has worked closely with optometrists, biochemists, molecular biologists, nutrition educators and others to develop science-based, peer-reviewed formulations to support optimal eye health.

    By focusing its products on the intricate functions of the eyes, their state-of-the-art formulations support the micronutrient needs of the eyes, delivering nutrients that are not only believed to be good for the eyes but also good for the optimal function of the entire body.

    More reasons you’ll love Biosyntrx:

    • Provides dietary supplements for oral support
    • Passionate science-based team designing formulations
    • Manufactured to FDA Good Manufacturing Practice standards
    • NSF, GMP registered facility
    • Biochemically balanced ingredients

    If you need support for eye health, oral health and more, try Biosyntrx! Start shopping today!

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