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Beta Carotene 25000 IU, 180 Softgels, DaVinci
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Beta Carotene by DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont contains 25,000 IU of Vitamin A that is 100% beta-carotene. High doses of Vitamin A may create problems with toxicity, however, high doses of beta carotene, will not. That is one reason it is a great choice for Vitamin A deficiency. Beta Carotene is a carotenoid which is converted in the body into Vitamin A.

About Beta Carotene

  • Beta-carotene is one of a group of natural chemicals known as carotenes or carotenoids.
  • Carotenes are responsible for the orange color of many fruits and vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.
  • It is an antioxidant, like vitamins E and C.
  • Beta Carotene is also known as Provitamin A is important in the formation of bones and teeth.*
  • Beta Carotene is also a potent antioxidant like vitamins C and E that helps rid the body of the "free radicals" that can destroy cells and interfere with desirable chemical reactions.*
  • Beta carotene is converted into Vitamin A by the liver on an "as needed" basis and is water soluble (unlike Vitamin A, which is fat soluble) which means it does not build up in the body.
  • Beta carotene also supports Vitamin A deficiency without any problem of toxicity associated with "mega" doses of Vitamin A.*
Beta Carotene may be recommended for:
  • Ocular Support*
  • Immune System Support*
  • Skin Health*
For 100% Beta-Carotene Vitamin A, order today!

Supplement Facts
1 softgel contains:
Vitamin A 25,000 IU (500%)
---(100% as beta-carotene)
Other Ingredients: soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, corn oil, yellow beeswax, soy lecithin. Contains: Soy.
Contains NO: gluten.

Recommended Use:
Adults: As a dietary supplement, take 1 softgel daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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