Anjolie offers natural skincare and bodycare products that are based in nutrient-rich sea botanicals like algae and kelp, and combined with highly active, concentrated, healthy-aging ingredients.

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    More about Anjolie

    Anjolie was created by a mother and daughter team, Cary Gabeler and Meryl Gabeler, with a passion for natural and sustainable living. They wanted to capture all of the potential benefits of sea plants and algae, which can have up to six times the power of land-based plants. These sea botanicals are the base of their skincare and bodycare products.

    By combining these natural sea botanicals with targeted healthy aging ingredients, Anjolie has created formulas that are each a superfood for the skin. Each product contains active and concentrated compounds to nourish and renew skin, including hyaluronic acid, liquid oxygen, spirulina, arctic peptides and astaxanthin.

    With the help of the industry's leading sea botanical skin expert, the Gabelers worked for years on their formulas and scents. Now the company offers an exceptional line of natural skincare and bodycare products, which includes:

    • Sea Botanicals Body Butter
    • Sea Botanicals Body Oil
    • Sea Botanicals Facial Cleanser
    • Sea Botanicals Facial Repair Cream
    • Sea Rescue Repair Serum

    Natural Healthy Concepts is excited to offer a number of Anjolie products to our customers. Click on the products above for more information.

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