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Homeopathic Sinus Symptom Relief

When you're sinuses give you problems - it can be seriously frustrating.

Allergies, sinus infections, environment irritants and sickness - irritation of your sinuses makes getting through the day a major chore. There's the dull headaches, the constant feeling of pressure, the disgusting nasal congestion and all the other symptoms you have to deal with.

Thankfully, Natural Factors developed D49 Sinugen to target both chronic and acute cases of catarrh and sinusitis.

This product may be able to help open up nasal passageways blocked by inflamed mucous membranes. That means you'll be able to breathe easier and can get back your sense of taste and smell.

Product Details:

  • Homeopathic tincture for sinus health
  • May relieve symptoms of sinus issues
  • May relieve symptoms of acute and chronic catarrh of the nose
  • May reduce nasal polyps in children
  • May improve lack of smell and taste

Try D49 Sinugen from Natural Factors today. Clear up your sinuses and get the relief you need!

Arsenicum album 12x
Calcarea carbonica 30x
Cinnabaris 12x
Kalium bichromicum 12x
Mercurius solubilis 30x
Pulsatilla nigricans 12x
Sepia officinalis 12x
Sulphur 30x
Other Ingredients: 20% alcohol in purified water.

Recommended Use:
Adults: One half dropper under the tongue two times daily. In acute conditions 5 to 10 drops under the tongue every 20 to 30 minutes. Hold the dose in the mouth for no less than 15 seconds to receive fullest effect.

If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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