21st Century Formulations

21st Century Formulations is a Beverly Hills-based company whose founding goal was to develop a product that would naturally hydrate the skin while restoring the protective qualities of the outer layer of skin that modern life strips away (through pollution, harsh ingredients, chlorinated water, antibacterial products, and the hundreds of new chemicals and toxins introduced each year).

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    Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion, 8 Oz
    21st Century Formulations
    Skin MD Shielding Lotion & SPF 15, 4 Oz
    21st Century Formulations
    Skin MD SPF 15, 8 Oz
    21st Century Formulations
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    Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion, 4 Oz
    21st Century Formulations

    More About 21st Century Formulations

    After six years of collaboration between noted dermatologists and surgeons, and a world-class chemist, 21st Century Formulations reached its goal with the invention of "shielding lotion." As an entirely new approach to skincare, shielding lotion contains only super-premium quality ingredients and natural plant extracts that are free of fragrances, coloring, parabens, toxic ingredients and gluten.

    With a brand name of Skin MD, 21st Century Formulations' shielding lotion products offer natural protection from the weather, chemicals and pollution. Its humectant reportedly draws six times more moisture into the skin than glycerin, the most common humectant.

    21st Century Formulations is so confident in its products that it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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