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    Zygest from PhysioLogics is a unique formula that contains a broad spectrum of protein, carbohydrate, and fat-digesting enzymes that promote the digestion of nutrients.*
    • For enzymatic digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats*
    • Contains multiple enzymes designed to serve as biological catalysts for the breakdown of macronutrients.*
    • Formulated to provide gastric support for all types of nutritional plans, whether they are low or high in carbohydrate, fat and protein.*
    • Utilizes digestive enzymes studied in scientific gastrointestinal models and certified through FCC standards.*
    • Provides multi-level support by supplying nine distinct digestive enzymes.*
    Zygest is designed to offer support at various levels including digestion occurring in the fundus and antrum of the gastric region, as well as digestion taking place in the duodenum and other areas of the small intestine. Enzymes are formulated to reflect activity levels as certified by a Quality Control specialist, utilizing standards set through the Food and Chemical Codex (FCC).*

    Most of the food consumed today is devoid of enzymes due to cooking and processing. Zygest is a comprehensive blend of enzymes for digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that promote the assimilation of food by promoting normal breakdown of important macronutrients in the diet.*

    The enzymes in Zygest help break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates making these nutrients available for the bodys energy needs, cell growth and other vital functions.*

    Nutritional Benefits:

    Carbohydrate Digestion:

    • Amylase - An enzyme that converts starches to simple sugars for energy.
    • Cellulase - An enzyme that helps digest cellulose fiber in foods.
    • Hemicellulase - An enzyme that helps digest hemicelluloses in foods.
    • Lactase - An enzyme that helps digest lactose to make milk and dairy products more digestible and reduce lactose intolerance.
    Fat Digestion:
    • Lipase - An enzyme which digests fats in foods by converting lipids into their component fatty acids so they can be metabolized.
    Protein Digestion:
    These proteases are enzymes that convert proteins into amino acids and peptides:
    • Bromelain
    • Papain
    • Protease 3.0
    • Protease 4.5
    Amylase is an enzyme that is naturally secreted by pancreatic cells in-vivo. Release of this enzyme is stimulated by carbohydrate containing foods. Once released, amylase can biochemically react with digestion products such as starches and glycogen to form di- and trisaccharides through hydrolysis. The amylase within Zygest is certified in dextrinizing units, which is defined as the quantity of alpha-amylase that will dextrinize soluble starch in the presence of excess beta-amylase.*

    Proteases are enzymes designed to assist in protein digestion. Protein digestion begins in the gastric region when splitting occurs at the nitrogen bonds of proteins to form products such as proteoses, peptones, and large polypeptides. Digestion to amino acids continues with pancreatic enzymes of the upper small intestine and with the epithelial cells of the small intestinal wall. Zygest contains Proteases standardized through both Hemoglobin Unit of Tyrosine Basis (HUTs) and Spectrophotometric Acid Protease Units (SAPUs), two different measures of protein digestion.*

    Lipase is another naturally occurring enzyme which helps digest fat, and can be found in-vivo in the pancreas and epithelial cells of the small intestine. Fat digestion is a multi-level process which includes emulsification to decrease the interfacial tension of the fat globule surface. Once this is achieved, enzymes such as lipase can then help split fat into monoglycerides and fatty acids. Zygest contains Lipase which is certified through Lipase Units, which is based on digestion of a standard olive oil substrate.*

    Lactase is a specialized enzyme designed to split lactose disaccharides into glucose and galactose monosaccharides. Lactase is naturally found in the microvilli of the brush border of the epithelial cells. Once lactose digestion occurs, glucose and galactose are immediately absorbed into the portal blood. The lactase in Zygest is certified through Acid Lactase Units (ALUs), which is a measure of its ability to liberate o-nitrophenol per conditions of the assay.*

    Both proteases, Bromelain and Papain, are added for their protein digestibility scores. Each is certified through Papain Units as defined by the FCC. Papain Units measure tyrosine liberation per hour under the specific conditions of the assay.*

    Cellulase and Hemicellulase round out the Zygest formula. Cellulase is certified through Cellulase Units, which measure the quantity of enzyme required to produce a relative fluidity change of 1 in 5 minutes of a standard cellulose solution. Hemicellulase is certified through Hemicellulase Units per FCC regulations, which is the amount of enzyme required that will produce a relative fluidity change of 1 over a period of 5 minutes in a locust bean gum substrate under specific assay conditions.*

    Zygest is a specialized blend of digestive enzymes that can be easily incorporated into multiple types of nutritional plans. The enzyme blend is processed through the National Enzyme Company, which is the leader in nutritional enzyme technology. All the digestive enzymes are labeled according to activity units as opposed to mg amounts, and are certified by a Quality Control specialist based on the regulations set forth in the Food and Chemical Codex.*

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