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Ultra D Complex, 8 Oz, Apex Energetics

    Ultra D Complex
    8 Oz, Apex Energetics


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    Better Taste. Better Bioavailablity.

    New and improved Ultra-D Complex from Apex gives you high-quality Vitamin D in liquid form.

    It now contains sunflower oil and other flavor adjustments to make it taste better and make constipation less likely. It also features improved microemulsion and micellization delivery - that means you get better, more consistent results.

    Product Details:

    • Emulsified Vitamin D with Cod Liver Oil, Genistein and Cofactors
    • Highly bioavailable
    • Natural orange flavor
    • No disgusting fishy taste
    • Key cofactors to support Vitamin D metabolism
    • Gluten-free

    Your body needs Vitamin D for a wide variety of reasons including bone health, immune system function and cell growth. We typically absorb Vitamin D through sunlight, but many of us don't get out in the sun as much as we should.

    Ultra-D Complex contains natural cod liver oils, which in addition to Vitamin D are believed to be a potent, natural source of EPA and DHA as well as Vitamin A.

    Vitamin A, EPA and DHA are needed in order for Vitamin D to have the greatest impact on your health. Important co-factors involved in Vitamin D conversion are also ingredients found in Ultra-D Complex.

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