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    Recancostat 100
    90 Capsules, Tyler Encapsulations


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    Recancostat 100 (stabilized reduced glutathione) by Integrative Therapeutics is designed to guard your cells from harmful toxins and helps fight off free-radical damage to your cells.* Recancostat has been clinically shown to manage healthy cell apoptosis, promote cellular detoxification, and block free-radical damage.*
    • Stabilized Reduced Glutathione (GSH) - guards your cells from harmful toxins and supports fighting off free-radical damage to your cells.*
    • GSH supports blocking free-radical damage to all types of tissues and supports the bodys normal process of DNA repair.*
    • Promotes cellular detoxification.*
    • Recancostat is a potent antioxidant.*
    Recancostat is a patented combination of reduced glutathione (GSH), anthocyanins, and L-cysteine. The formula has been clinically studied to enhance immune system function by managing healthy cell apoptosis and development.*

    GSH supports blocking free-radical damage to all types of tissues and supports the bodys natural process of DNA repair.* The exclusive anthocyanins blend, AnthoRedoxin, helps to maintain GSH in the active, reduced state where it can be delivered to cells more efficiently.* This reduced form of glutathione is needed to achieve optimum benefit.*

    The key ingredient in Recancostat is GSH. Reduced GSH is naturally occurring in the body and is present in every type of cell. It is essential to cellular detoxification, amino acid transport, production of coenzymes and recycling of vitamins E and C.* A powerful antioxidant that functions inside the cells, reduced glutathione blocks free radical damage to all types of tissues.

    Anthocyanins are members of the bioflavonoid family, which exhibit potent antioxidant and cell-supportive properties in vitro.*(9,10) Anthocyanins have been found to be 10 to 100 times more potent than other flavonoids in supporting the healthy growth of colon cells.(10) Studies have also shown that the anthocyanins in Recancostat possess a unique ability to protect glutathione from oxidative damage and maintain glutathione in a reduced, active state.*(11)

    L-cysteine is an amino acid and an important precursor for the production of glutathione in the body. Together with glycine and glutamate, L-cysteine forms the tripeptide glutathione molecule. However, while glycine and glutamate are readily available in the diet, L-cysteine is not and therefore, supplementation can be an beneficial way to increase glutathione synthesis in the body.(12)

    Research shows that this patented combination can have a dramatic effect on well being.* In one clinical study, 50 percent of participants looking for additional immune support experienced significant support for maintaining healthy weight, appetite, energy levels, and mobility following 3 months of supplementation.*

    When you see "reduced glutathione" remember that it refers to how much more easily your body can use the ingredient. In this case, "reducing" simply means that your body does not need to do extra work to put glutathione - a natural antioxidant - to work right away.*

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