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Power Adapt, 60 Capsules, Natura Health Products

    Power Adapt
    60 Capsules, Natura Health Products


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    Natura Health Products Power Adapt capsules provides deep endocrine support to elevate physical and mental performance, build stamina and maximize stress resistance.*
    • Potent energy formula designed to support building strength and stamina while promoting healthy stress response*
    • Supports promoting stress protection*
    • Supports optimizing athletic performance and recovery*
    • Supports the nervous system, endocrine and hormonal balance*
    • Formulated by Donald Yance, MH, RH, CN and Ben Tabachnik, PhD
    This extra strength herbal formula offers deep endocrine support by providing nourishment to the spleen, kidneys and adrenal glands, which provides the energy boost necessary to promote a healthy, metabolic state*. This in turn supports protecting the body from the harmful effects of mental, emotional and physical stressors that contribute to cellular damage, depletion and exhaustion.*

    Stress can cause an imbalance in hormones responsible for maintaining healthy protein and fat metabolism. Power Adapt tonifies and balances the hormonal system and supports improving the ability of the body to withstand stress while promoting optimal strength and muscular activity.* This may result in increased lean muscle mass, available energy levels, and endurance with sustained results.*

    Power Adapt features quality herbal extracts known as "Adaptogens," which are clinically proven to support maximizing the benefits of physical exercise.* The herbs in this ultra-energizing formula provide the nutrients and phytochemicals necessary to nourish and promote muscle strength and vitality, while encouraging a state of homeostasis, particularly when the body is under physical stress. Power Adapt also provides support for rapid recovery from injury or fatigue.*

    The hormonal system is intimately connected with the nervous system and together these two systems in the body impact every aspect of health and well-being. When physical, mental or emotional stress leads to hormonal and nervous system imbalance, your ability to handle stress, think clearly, and feel energetic is compromised. Power Adapt provides support for hormonal and nervous system balance to optimize physical performance, memory, concentration, and alertness.*

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