Ozene (formerly Ozonated Gel), 1.5 Oz, Premier Research Labs

    Ozene (formerly Ozonated Gel)
    1.5 Oz, Premier Research Labs


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    Ozene (formerly Ozonated Gel) from Premier Research Labs features the perfect ozone delivery system for super skin health.* Pure oxygen molecules are suspended in ozonated olive oil as a gel and can be massaged into the skin to recapture a baby-smooth appearance.
    • An ideal ozone delivery system for super skin health*
    • Support for healthy, glowing, revitalized skin*
    • Lines and wrinkles may be visibly reduced.
    • Supports supple and smoother skin*
    • A Super Deodorant: work a small dab under each arm daily - one application may last for days!
    • 100% Natural Ingredients: no aluminum, propylene glycol or other toxic chemicals.
    This Thick gel is great for super skin health, insect bites, rashes, or as a super deodorant. It contains unrefined olive oil (pesticide free), super saturated with medical grade oxygen and ozone (It contains no oxides of nitrogen (an undesirable byproduct which occurs when ozone is made from ambient air).

    Premier Ozonated Gel has been used for:

    • Bee stings
    • Insect bites
    • Fungal infections (including athletes foot)
    • Fistula
    • Leg ulcers
    • Bed sores
    • Acne and other skin problems
    • Gingivitis
    • Herpes simplex
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Vulvovaginitis
    • Scalp infections
    • Underarm deodorant
    Ozone is a high-energy form of oxygen and is called activated oxygen. It is one of natures basic elements and is part of many natural reactions. Ozone is one of natures super purifiers and protectors of the environment.

    Just as nature uses ozone to protect and renew life on earth, ozone can be applied to the skin so the body can absorb this special form of oxygen to help increase healthy oxygen levels internally as well as helping to protect against harmful microorganisms.

    Ozonated olive oil is made using a high-voltage ozone machine which bubbles highly concentrated ozone gas through pure olive oil until it solidifies. This process takes several days of continuous gas flow. The result is an useful strength ointment which looks somewhat like a salve and has the distinctive odor of ozone.

    Natural Healthy Concepts is licensed to distribute nutritional products manufactured by Premier Research Labs, Austin, TX.
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