Metabolic Synergy, 360 Vcaps, Designs For Health
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    Metabolic Synergy
    360 Vcaps, Designs For Health

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    Description | See Ingredients

    A Multivitamin for Key Nutrients and Metabolic Health

    If you're dedicated to ensuring optimal health every day with a multivitamin and also want to help maintain normal blood sugar or endocrine health, try Metabolic Synergy by Designs for Health.

    A multivitamin with support for normal blood sugar and hormone levels, this formula of vitamins and minerals was developed by a nationally prominent specialist in the field. It includes the addition of newly researched antiglycating agents.

    Antiglycating agents carnosine and benfotiamine may help control AGEs, which are advanced glycation end products that promote the development or worsening of degenerative diseases.

    Benfotiamine may support your body's natural actions against the impacts of sustained high blood sugar levels, including nerve, kidney and retinal damage.

    For essential vitamin B, Metabolic Synergy also includes Designs for Health's proprietary blend of naturally occurring, active isomer folates.

    And don't forget minerals. To ensure you're getting the nutrition you need, Metabolic Synergy includes the mineral chelates magnesium, chromium, zinc, manganese and vanadium. Mineral chelates better withstand the acidic environment of the stomach and are better absorbed. Designs for Health uses chelates supplied by Albion, the leader in the chelate industry.

    For more than vitamins, order Metabolic Synergy.

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    Supplement Facts:
    6 capsules contain:
    Vitamin A 3,000 IU
    ---(from Palmitate, fish, and mixed carotenoids from palm tree fruit)
    Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 500mg
    Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) 400 IU
    Vitamin E 50 IU
    ---d-gamma tocopherol 100mg
    ---d-delta tocopherol 42mg
    ---d-alpha tocopherol 22mg
    ---d-beta tocopherol 3mg
    Vitamin B1 (as Thiamine HCI 25mg and Benfothiamine 50mg) 75mg
    Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin) 25mg
    Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide) 50mg
    Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxil HCI, Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) 50mg
    Folates (NatureFolate blend) 400mcg
    Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 1,000mcg
    Biotin (as d-Biotin) 4mg
    Pantothenic Acid (as d-Calcium Pantothenate) 50mg
    Iodine (as Potassium Iodide) 75mcg
    Magnesium (TRAACS Magnesium LYSYL Glycinate Chelate) 100mg
    Zinc (TRAACS Zinc Glycinate Chelate) 30mg
    Selenium (as Selenium Glycinate Complex) 200mcg
    Manganese (TRAACS Manganese Glycinate Chelate) 3mg
    Chromium (TRAACS Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate) 500mcg
    Molybdenum (TRAACS Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate) 100mcg
    Potassium (as Potassium Glycinate Complex) 200mg
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg
    Taurine 600mg
    Inositol 500mg
    Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) (leaf) 200mg
    ---[standardized to contain 95% polyphenols]
    Carnosine 200mg
    Vanadium (TRAACS Vanadium Nicotinate Glycinate Chelate) 200mcg
    Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, rice flour, magnesium stearate.
    Contains NO: wheat, yeast, soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sugars or preservatives.

    Recommended Use:
    Adults: As a dietary supplement, take six capsules per day with meals or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

    Keep out of the reach of children.

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