Max B-ND (formerly Max Stress B), 8 Oz, Premier Research Labs

    Max B-ND (formerly Max Stress B)
    8 Oz, Premier Research Labs


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    B Vitamin Teamwork

    Live sources of B vitamins band together in this dietary supplement to potentially support the liver, brain, energy production and a better mood.

    Max B-ND from Premier Research Labs is an ideal choice for the health of your whole family. Mix a half-teaspoon of this liquid with water or juice once or twice a day.

    Product Details:

    • Advanced support for liver, brain, energy, immune system and mood balance
    • May support better mental clarity
    • Made with live sources of B vitamins, not synthetic sources
    • Suitable for kids 4 and up
    • Vegan-Friendly

    You'll get the most out of a B vitamin supplement when it includes the whole B-complex family - particularly folic acid and B12 - which are important to optimal health. Max B-ND brings the B vitamin family together so they can work as a team. This is generally recommended over taking individual, isolated B vitamins.

    The completely natural, live sources of B vitamins in this product could be the most beneficial to your health - especially in long term use. The high-energy, end-chain B-complex is the form ready to use by your cells.

    Natural Healthy Concepts is licensed to distribute nutritional products manufactured by Premier Research Labs, Austin, TX.

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