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Kidney Blend SP-6 Cornsilk, 100 Capsules, Solaray

    Kidney Blend SP-6 Cornsilk
    100 Capsules, Solaray

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    Kidney Blend SP-6 from Solaray contains cornsilk in a proprietary blend of ingredients to support kidney health*.

    Cornsilk compounds, which include maizenic acid, may provide support as a cardiac tonic and diuretic*. Cornsilk is considered part of a family of herbs which support soothing and healing the urinary system. The maizenic acid contained in cornsilk has a stimulating diuretic effect. In addition, this compound also supports the liver and intestines.*

    Clinical studies in China and Japan have demonstrated the remarkable diuretic properties of cornsilk. Cornsilk supports reducing painful symptoms and swelling due to several inflammatory conditions including cystitis, pyelitis, oliguria, hepatitis and all edematous conditions*.

    Parsley supplies chlorophyll, and supports restoring the urinary tract*. The flavonoid content of parsley supports stimulating urination and providing relief*.

    Queen of the meadow supports stimulating the gland and organs that clear the body of toxic waste*. It has been clinically established for supporting rheumatic and gouty joints due to uric acid deposits. It is considered a supportive tonic for the genito-urinary system and may promote suppressed urine flow*.

    Uva ursi contains a compound called arbutin, which has the ability to drain excess water from the cells, promoting an antiseptic effect on the kidneys. The primary constituent of uva ursi is a glycoside called arbutin which is responsible for its diuretic action. In addition, when it is excreted from the kidneys, arbutin produces an antiseptic effect on the mucous membranes of the urinary tract. Chemical compounds in uva ursi may also support the balance the pH of urine. American research found that uva ursi was useful support against nephritis and kidney stones and possessed all-around tonic properties*.

    Used for chronic kidney and bladder inflammations, buchu, a natural astringent, helps to alleviate high acid urine and is also good for supporting the healing the prostate gland. It is the volatile oil content of buchu which enables it to stimulate urination while acting as a urinary antiseptic. Buchu provides useful support by acting to eliminate mucus, acid urine and irritation, and is given to combat many forms of inflammation and infection, including cystitis, pyelitis, ureteritis and prostatitis*.

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