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HRT Plus, 60 Tablets, Longevity Plus
Code: hrt-plus

    HRT Plus
    60 Tablets, Longevity Plus

    This Product is Discontinued.
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    Description | See Ingredients

    Nutritional Support for Your Hormones

    This herbal supplement contains phytoestrogens, which are plant-derived hormones that can imitate estrogen in the human body.

    Natural estrogen production can become compromised due to issues like stress, aging and exposure to certain things in the environment. HRT Plus from Longevity Plus could help women dealing with symptoms from menopause find relief.

    Product Details:

    • Contains a nutritional complex of phytoestrogen and isoflavones
    • Supports the balancing of hormones through nutrition

    In this product you'll find the building blocks that may assist your body in healthy production of natural estrogenic substances in the liver. Find out if it can help you find hormonal balance.

    Ingredients | Back to Top

    Supplement Facts
    Each tablet contains:
    Vitamin B12 1000mcg (16,667%DV)
    Nutri-Folate Folic Acid 200mcg (50%DV)
    Vitamin B6 8.5mg (425%DV)
    Biotin 25mcg (8%DV)
    Nutritional H.R.T.** 100mg
    ---(Pureraria mirifica root)
    ---(Activated Purestrol PhytoEstrogen isoflavonoid complex)
    Other Ingredients: calcium phosphate, potato glycolate complex, vegetable stearate, silica. Coating - copolymer dispersion, microcrystalline cellulose, natural coloring.
    **H.R.T. (Herbal Remedy from Thailand) natural occurring nutrient factors Puresterol

    Recommended Use:
    Adults: Take 1 tablet daily or as directed by your healthcare professional. May take 2 if needed to alleviate symptoms. If still menstruating, do not take during time of Menses.

    If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep out of the reach of children.

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    Customer Reviews
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    These are GREAT!
    By Barbara from Chicago on 03/29/2014
    Pros: everything
    Cons: none
    Recommended: Yes
    After being on Premarin for 5 years it no longer worked for me. My Doctor put me on Estrace, which was worse for me, then vagifem still no good. Then my Doctor told me he suggested I go back to Premarin! Why? In my frustration I started to look on line and found HRT Plus. It was worth a shot and was cheaper than the medication. Finally something that works!! I love them!
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    This stuff works!
    By GI Jane from Florida on 01/09/2014
    Pros: Works fast and easy to take
    Cons: A bit expensive
    Recommended: Yes
    I started taking HRT Plus when my other nutritional supplement for hormone balance was discontinued. This worked within a week--no more hot flashes!
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    Love These!
    By Kerry from AZ on 09/27/2013
    Cons: Cost
    Recommended: Yes
    HRT Plus has helped with hot flashes like you can't believe! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I was having hot flashes on the hour... and now maybe have a couple per day. I do not want to take hormones so am trying over the counter/ natural options first. I do take 2 per day at times when the flashes are getting the best of me. Good luck and try them!
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    Showing 1-3 of 12 Reviews
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