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GTA, 90 Capsules, Biotics Research
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    90 Capsules, Biotics Research


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    Get Natural Thyroid Support with GTA

    When your body undergoes changes, regular or irregular, those changes can disrupt the regular function of your endocrine system and have negative effects on the overall health of it. There are several factors that may have an effect on your endocrine system, including genetics, aging, environmental factors, and diseases and other conditions.

    The aging process is perhaps the biggest culprit, disrupting the production and secretion of hormones and hormone metabolism, and also disrupting regular rhythms in your body, such as menstrual cycles. Traumatic injuries, surgeries, infections, and damage from autoimmune disorders may also play roles in negative endocrine health.

    Biotics Research GTA provides natural support for optimal thyroid health and function.

    Main ingredients include the following:

    • A porcine glandular complex
    • Trace minerals
    • Superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase

    Make the choice to support your thyroid function. GTA from Biotics Research provides support for optimal thyroid function and improved overall health and wellness. Give it a try today!

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    Supplement Facts:
    Each capsule contains:
    Selenium (from vegetable culture) 5mcg
    Porcine Glandular Concentrate 5mg
    Rubidium (from vegetable culture*) 5mcg
    Superoxide Dismutase (from vegetable culture*) 30mcg
    Catalase (from vegetable culture*) 30mcg
    Other Ingredients: *Vegetable culture (containing phytochemically bound trace elements (selenium and rubidium), methyl compounds and/or naturally associated phytochemicals including polyphenolic compounds with SOD and catalase and phytochemically bound trace elements, dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve associated enzyme factors.) and capsule shell (gelatin and water).

    Recommended Use:
    Adults: Take 1 capsule, one to three times daily or as otherwise directed by your healthcare professional.

    Soy products and isoflavones inhibit conversion of T4 to T3 and are contraindicated with low thyroid function. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Keep out of the reach of children.

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