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ClearVite-SF, 21 Servings, Apex Energetics

    21 Servings, Apex Energetics


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    Natural Support for Detoxification Programs

    ClearVite from Apex is a natural nutritional supplement that may support cleansing, or detoxification, programs.

    Nutritional factors play extremely important roles in the proper functioning of the cellular cleansing processes. And your body's natural detoxifying ability may deteriorate if these nutrients are lacking or are deficient at the cellular level.

    In addition, certain botanicals and botanical extracts may support strengthening the cells and maximize the processes involved in detoxification reactions.

    ClearVite is designed to help provide nutritional compounds and botanical extracts considered pivotal to support neutralizing and expelling toxins.

    ClearVite is an excellent source of very high quality vitamins, minerals, and numerous nutritional factors.

    The protein source is derived from rice, which helps produce a superior hypoallergenic protein, as it has little likelihood of causing an allergic response.

    It also contains other lipotropic nutrients, which are herbal compounds that may help stimulate the formation of bile, bile secretion, and elimination, and other nutritional cofactors and botanical extracts that support detoxification reactions.

    Scientific Approach

    In designing ClearVite, scientific procedures were used to analyze biochemical reactions and functional organic disorders that may stem from chronic environmental and biological toxicities.

    Each ingredient was studied for how it supported biochemical reactions in the liver and other detoxification pathways.

    ClearVite provides key cofactors necessary in supporting enzymatic reactions involved in the liver detoxification processes.

    These vitamins and minerals are selected from high quality, soluble, and biologically available forms to ensure their absorption and assimilation.

    Amino Acid Help Provide Liver Support

    A number of amino acids -- such as n-acetylcysteine, methionine, taurine, glycine, l-glutamine, glutamic acid -- needed to help support liver detoxification are included in the formula.

    Antioxidant Help

    Strong antioxidants -- such as glutathione, quercetin, grape seed extract, green tea extract, herbs, and herbal extracts, including milk thistle seed extract -- have been included to support the growth and repair of liver cells and to increase bile solubility.

    Lysine has been added to support amino acid balance in rice protein.

    Digestive Enzymes

    And digestive enzymes, such as invertase, cellulase, maltase, and amylase have been added to support digestion and absorption of the nutrients.

    Herbal Support

    Additional herbal and nutritional compounds have also been added, including Jerusalem artichoke, marshmallow, gamma ryzanol, rutin, hesperidin, MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane), evening primrose oil, and medium chain triglycerides.

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