Candaclear Four, 30 Strips, Pharmax

    Candaclear Four
    30 Strips, Pharmax


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    Natural Three-Stage-Approach for Dysbiosis

    Pharmax Candaclear Four is a dietary supplement intended to help with chronic dysbiosis resulting from yeast and protozoa.

    Intestinal dysbiosis refers to the growth of harmful organisms or overgrowth of normally harmless microorganisms in your digestive tract, including candida albicans.

    And yeast and protozoa, or single cell organisms, dysbioses are often chronic and/or recurrent problems, impacting both the small and large intestine.

    Candaclear Four provides a unique three-stage approach, in a single product, to help anyone experiencing any form of dysbiosis.

    It may help

    • Deal with the dysbiosis
    • Restore the integrity of the mucosal surface
    • Re-establish optimal microflora

    Plant Help with Dysbiosis

    Candalear Four contains three forms of plant extract that may help with dysbiosis: allicin, from garlic; cinnamaldehydes, from cinnamon bark oil; and caprylic acid.

    Restoring Mucosal Integrity

    Helping with the dysbiosis should stimulate the regeneration of the mucosal integrity of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The lining of your intestine produces mucus, which serves as a lubricant for stools.

    And this formula contains both glutamine, the preferred energy source for mucosal cells of the small intestine, as well as n-acetyl glucosamine, which helps bind epithelial cells together to reduce the risk of leakiness through the epithelial layer.

    Epithelial cells cover the inner and outer layers of your intestines and form glands that secrete fluids.

    And the epithelial layer is a critical defense mechanism that works to stop pathogens and microbes entering into your body.

    The cells are tightly packed to stop fluid leaking through the layer.

    Re-establishing Optimal Microflora

    Healthy microflora levels are important for dealing with dysbiosis and reducing the risk of its recurrence. The presence of microflora may do more than our own immune response to lower the chances of organism overgrowth.

    Candaclear Four probiotic capsules contain 24 billion viable cells to support microflora levels.

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