Bone Renewal, 150 Vcaps, Pure Synergy

    Bone Renewal
    150 Vcaps, Pure Synergy

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    Support Your Body's Framework

    We don't often think about how important our bones are. But that skeleton is literally what keeps us standing strong.

    Pure Synergy developed its exclusive formula for Bone Renewal using plant-based, bio-organic ingredients. These ingredients partner with your body's natural ability to maintain the health of your bones.

    Product Details:

    • Supports natural bone health and growth
    • Contains highly absorbable, plant-based, bio-organic ingredients
    • Features an exclusive botanical blend
    • For healthy bones in all stages of life
    • Non-GMO
    • Gluten-free

    Your bones are the strongest at around the 30 years-old, after that they may begin to weaken. Failing to maintain healthy bone mass could result in an increased risk of osteoporosis, which means you'll be more prone to fractures or worse.

    Pure Synergy spent more than a decade making and refining Bone Renewal. It's designed to support your body's natural capability to restore bones through self-regeneration. Healthy bones will replace 10% of their mass annually.

    The three-part formula in Bone Renewal includes:

    1. Core Minerals and Vitamins

    Calcium and magnesium are two minerals everyone needs for proper regeneration of healthy bones. They are the foundation of support for your skeletal system.

    The calcium and magnesium in Bone Renewal are chosen for purity and superior bio-availablity. Pure Synergy provides these minerals in a perfect 2:1 ratio in order to optimize bone health.

    You'll also find three important vitamins: organically frown Vitamin D and Vitamin K1 as well as Natto-based Vitamin K2.

    2. Essential Cofactors

    While core minerals supply the foundational building blocks, other key nutrients in Bone Renewal are also essential to the natural process of maintaining healthy bones.

    Bio-organic cofactors such as silica, phytase enzyme, boron blend as well as plant-based strontium and vanadium maintain health and support regeneration.

    3. Botanical Synergizers

    Four bio-organic synergizers or botanical extracts are blended into Bone Renewal's formula:

    • Wild-harvested cissus extract
    • Wild-harvested Japanese sargassum algae extract
    • Organic cold-water-grown Wasabi rhizome/leaf concentrate
    • Natural bamboo silica

    The combination of these botanicals with essential core minerals and co-factors could compound the possible benefits of Bone Renewal.

    Stay strong your whole life long with bones that are supported with all-natural health.

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