30-Day Weight Loss Kit Chocolate, 1 Kit, BioGenesis

    30-Day Weight Loss Kit Chocolate
    1 Kit, BioGenesis


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    The 30-Day Weight Loss Kit by BioGenesis contains nutritional support for a healthy weight loss program.

    The 30-Day Weight Loss Kit by BioGenesis includes:

    • (2) Chocolate UltraLean Powder - Body Composition Formula (21.7 oz. each)
    • (30) Ultra Low-Carb Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars
    • (1) BioLax - 120 Veggie Capsules
    • (1) UltraLean Appetite Control -90 Veggie Capsules
    • (1) BPA Free Mixing Bottle (22 oz. capacity)
    • (1) UltraLean Healthy Weight Management Program Patient Handbook
    UltraLean Body Composition Chocolate is a high quality whey protein powder that provides both macro and micronutrients for individuals who want to improve body composition and lose or maintain weight. It features specialty nutrients to help support blood sugar control and efficient fat metabolism.*
    • High-quality whey protein base, 100% casein free
    • Function Food for supporting weight loss and healthy blood sugar metabolism
    • Each serving provides a multivitamin and mineral core, plus a high dose of chromuim, phaseolamin, guar gum, and green tea extract
    • Contains therapeutic levels of B vitamins
    • Contains mineral citrates and malates for mitochondrial support
    • Contains specialty nutrients that provide support for enhancing fat metabolism
    Ultralean Body Composition is formulated to support healthy metabolic activity. Stimulants such as ephedra and ma haung, etc., are not used. Instead UltraLean Body Composition acts to enhance fat cell metabolism only. That means no jitters, no rapid heart rates, no insomnia, no heart palpitations, no prostate swelling or urinary retention.

    Ultra Low-Carb Glucose Support Peanut Butter Chocolate bars are a doctor-formulated, high quality, nutrition bar with a multivitamin and mineral core. Ultra Low-Carb bars provide a nutritious and convenient source of protein, fiber, and essential micronutrients for people on a carbohydrate controlled diet.*

    • Supports lean body mass maintenance and appetite control*
    • Low in net carbs
    • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
    • Contains no artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated oils
    • Contains NO wheat, gluten, trans fat, soy protein or other additives
    UltraLean Appetite Control is designed to provide support for controlling appetite*. In a program that includes healthy diet and exercise, UltraLean Appetite Control offers common sense, nutritional support for losing weight without using alpha adrenergic stimulants such as caffeine, guarana, ephedra and other weight loss aids that are plagued with side effects.*
    • Contains nutrients, herbs, and neurotransmitter precursors to support insulin action, glucose homeostasis, healthy body composition, and appetite control*
    • Provides support for increasing energy, enhancing mood, and staving off hunger*
    • Provides support for neurotransmitter balance and curbing the brains appetite control center*
    • Supplies chromium, DL-Phenyalanine, and NAT (N-acetyl tyrosine)*
    UltraLean Appetite Control works to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and fat calories. It also utilizes a little neurological stimulation support to enhance its fat burning capabilities and provides enhanced mitochondrial energy support.*

    BioLax provides non-habit forming botanical, mineral, and fiber ingredients that stimulate, tonify and soothe, to help support optimal intestinal regularity.

    • Supports Gastrointestinal Function And Regularity*
    • Contains a unique combination of highly viscous soluble fibers*
    • Supports growth of healthy gastrointestinal microflora*
    • Non-habit forming*
    • Helps support liver and gall bladder function*
    • Helps reduce the buildup of toxins within the digestive tract by supporting regular elimination*
    • Includes konjac root, chia seed, guar gum, dandelion root, ginger root, cape aloe, and magnesium.

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